Accident Claims Management
When drivers report their claim to Integrity, we take the lead and remove the hassle. For easy claims notification, fast recovery, instant mobility, guaranteed vehicle repairs, specialist legal support and a range of driver-focused benefits, Integrity is all you need.
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Integrity Club 20 Cover
Our market-leading driver`s multi-policy Club 20 provides drivers and fleet operators with the best in accident and claims management, as well as a huge range of money-saving and stress-reducing benefits. We also provide guaranteed courtesy/replacement vehicles, irrespective of fault. Stay mobile, keep calm and choose Integrity.
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Partner Services
Range from damage repairs and replacement vehicle sourcing through to a complete Motor Fleet claims management service. We work with Fleet Operators and individual motorists, Repair and vehicle hire centres, Insurers and Insurance brokers and a wide variety of Motoring Clubs and Trade Associations. Why not see what Integrity can do for you?
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The only accident management company that offers a suitable replacement vehicle regardless of accident liability, providing a total mobility solution.

As a leading provider of accident management assistance,
if you have been involved in an accident we can help reduce the
complexity, stress and hassle and ensure your legal right is
protected, with a range of services to suit your needs.

All it takes is just one call for you to get back on the road
quickly and safely.

Our Comprehensive Range Of Services

  • Accident Management
  • Replacement Vehicles
  • Repair Service
  • Non-Fault Accident
  • Own Fault Repairs
  • Personal Injury

We support any type of incident from mechanical breakdowns, punctures and road traffic accidents, as well as handling all the messy paperwork and claims for insurance repairs.   

When your vehicle is undrivable following an accident, we aim to provide a like for like replacement vehicle from within our extensive fleet wherever possible.

As well as owning our own vehicle repair centres, Integrity also operate an impressive network of manufacturer and Insurer-approved body shops across the UK.

If you`ve been involved in a non-fault accident, Integrity provide a complete accident management service.

Oops! Just because the accident you`ve had was your fault doesn`t mean that we cannot help you. We can still provide you with a courtesy vehicle, and all of our repairs are fully guaranteed.

Have you, or any of your passengers, suffered some form of injury?  Let our experts help.

Integrity Club 20
Multi-Policy Accident Cover

Being involved in a road traffic collision can be a
traumatic experience as well as a major inconvenience.

 It doesn’t have to be that way.

Integrity Club 20 Multi-Policy removes the hassle
of managing your claim so you can
get back on the road, fast!

Why Choose Integrity?

We provide  complete accident cover & aftercare. Statistics show that incidents and repairs that are properly managed by professionals will dramatically reduce off the road time of vehicles.

We support any type of incident from mechanical breakdowns, punctures and road traffic accidents, as well as handling all the messy paperwork and claims for insurance repairs.

Our whole support service is designed to remove the stress, complexity and hassle that can be experienced during the claim process. take away any additional stress from you the driver.


24/7 nationwide accident recovery roadside service.

Regardless of fleet size, you can be confident that your vehicles and drivers will be taken care of. Over 200 approved accident repair centres
deliver an outstanding level of accident repair support for all of our clients.

We Have Successfully Managed

Vehicles Repaired
Claims Managed
Hire Claims
PI Claims

Don't just take our word for it