On 31 May 2021, the New Whiplash Reform Legislation came into force across England and Wales, aimed at reducing the number of claims made each year, which according to government figures reached more than 550,000 in 2019/20,

The reforms apply only to adults: children, protected parties and accidents in the workplace are exempt from these changes, and they now include the creation of an online portal for road traffic accident claims, including whiplash, in circumstances where the level of Injury compensation is less than £5,000.

The Official Injury Claim portal, developed on behalf of the Ministry of Justice by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, guides users through the process of making a claim.

The government site points out that “the portal itself does not seek to identify fraudulent cases but will require medical evidence to be submitted as part of the process for such claims”, it also includes the very important note: “neither the Guide nor the telephone helpline, will provide any legal advice”.

That’s where we at Integrity Claims Management come in. We take care of thousands of motorists, working with Insurance Brokers, Associated Partners, Car Clubs and Automotive Retailers to cover every aspect where you may have been involved in a road traffic accident.

At first glance, it might seem as if the government’s platform makes it easier for people to make a claim, but on closer inspection, it offers limited support or advice, especially in how to deal with the at-fault insurer.

Navigating a plethora of information can be confusing and intimidating for anyone who is unfamiliar with the insurance sector, or doesn’t have much time in the day for negotiating the nitty-gritty of a claim. Fortunately, our professional claims experts are available to navigate you through the complexities of the process supporting you at each stage of the claims while also ensuring your best interests are maintained.

We promise to make everything straightforward, from organising a replacement vehicle to dealing with all that paperwork. Where you have additional insurance cover, such as the Integrity Club 20 Multi-Policy, the policy benefits will ensure that you don’t have to think about anything other than taking care of you and yours which is why our customers choose Integrity Claims Management at a time when it matters most.

If you would like further information or just seeking some independent advice or are keen to learn more about our services, then simply give us a call 24/7 on 020 8556 6633 or email contact@integritycm.co.uk where we will be delighted to help you.

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